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Name:Dorothy Bell
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Searchlight, Nevada, United States of America
Website:Birthright RPG
Actual Name: Death (personified)
Human Name: Dorothy Bell
Nickname: Dori
Type: Could loosely be considered an ‘angel’ in human form
PB: Taissa Farmiga
Physical Age: 20
Actual Age: Timeless (though this form has existed since 1966)
Sexuality: Fluid
Personality: Quiet, watchful, intuitive, lingers, ignores (or doesn’t understand) boundaries
Abilities: Can sap life from what she touches; some talent at necromancy; psychically senses illness and approaching death
Weakness: Mortal
Odd Qualities: Infrequent blinking; floral scent; often seen sleeping; bothered by noise and chaos; looks frail


Description: To term these entities as angelic wouldn’t be entirely accurate. They are more like archetypes come to life. Death and Life are paired, or ‘sibling’, spirits. They travel through human history as mortals. With each lifetime, their forms change, and though they have an innate sense of what they are, and of one another, they retain only vague memories of previous lifespans. They are often abandoned at birth. Their innate ‘otherness’ tends to detract from familial bonds. They are at their best when in close proximity to one another. That’s not to say that it’s an affectionate relationship. The bond is fierce and vital, but they are opposites of one another in personality and nature.

Recent History: An archetype of life, ‘James’, was born in 1951 in Tennessee. In 1966, when he was fifteen, his legal caregiver (an archetype of death called ‘William’) died of a stroke and ‘Dorothy’ was born in Illinois. James located her in 1970 and relocated to Chicago.

They arrived (begrudgingly together) in Las Vegas in 1984.
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